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 National Overview
Qpawn Asia/Africa
 Posted: Jan 25 2014, 12:22 AM
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Here there will be a post, a general update and summary of events and things going on in your nation, a general overview of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. These posts will usually be made once every month and should not total more than a paragraph. (1 RL week)

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 Posted: Jan 25 2014, 12:26 AM
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February 2006:

Pakistan has had an interesting foreign policy under Mr. Khan. He has been a defender of Pakistani interests, and the military especially were glad that he took a strong stance in the face of Indian aggression. Pakistan is involved heavily in foreign affairs, with its aid to Angola, and putting troops within the Sudan to support a fellow Muslim government. However, he has faced criticism for it because his bombings are seen by the vast majority of reporters as working against peace efforts. Conservatives opposed his women's rights legislation, creating divisions between his party and many mainstream conservatives. Domestically, he needs to take actions against poverty within Pakistan that has been there for decades, and look to make his nation more export oriented, rather than import reliant as it is now.

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